Fair Work joins the fight against sexual harassment

Fair Work joins the fight against sexual harassment

Karen Maher recently spoke with ABC radio about the new legislation that has given extra teeth to the tiger fighting sexual harassment in the workplace.

Before March 6th this year it was up to the individual claiming harassment to make an unlawful discrimination complaint to the Australian Human Rights Commission.

But now the Fair Work Commission can also take complaints of unlawful sexual harassment from workers and penalties will apply. In addition to the individual, now third parties such as unions can also initiate the complaint.

This gives workers a new avenue of redress… with the possibility of compensation. For the employer, the threat of significant fines and expensive court cases incentivises them to create harassment-free workplaces. “For too long we’ve been putting the cart before the horse, with a system which addresses sexual harassment after it has occurred. Now. at last, the onus is on the employer to do all they can to prevent it.”

Listen to Karen’s full interview here.

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