Time is running out for business dinosaurs

Time is running out for business dinosaurs

Legislation changes are on the way

30 March, 2023

The dinosaurs who aren’t proactively addressing harassment, discrimination and bullying in the workplace are on notice there’s a huge meteor headed their way.

There are legislation changes which are putting these workplace issues on the same footing as health & safety – with fines to match. But more than that, young workers stepping into the workplace are voting with their feet and quitting rather than put up with it.

It’s inconvenient and costly to constantly hire replacement staff, but these dinosaurs should know these disgruntled workers also go back to university and talk to their peers and trash the company’s reputation.

Time is running out but is still possible to take action to avoid the meteor. Stop moaning about the lack of resilience in young workers and accept that the onus is now on the employer to do all they can to create a harassment-free workplace.

Karen Maher recently spoke to Rob Cameron from 94.7 fm radio station “The Pulse” to elaborate on what’s heading towards workplaces in the near future.

Listen to the full interview here